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Feed My Sheep Front Cover Image

Feed My Sheep

H. E. Dempster

A six-session biblical guide for small groups and individuals on how to be courageous followers of Christ in contemporary society.

Books For Adults

Suicide Pastoral Responses

by L. L. Townsend (2006)

A Grief Observed

Lewis, CS, Faber


David Cox and Candy Neely Arrington, B&H

Publishing Group, ISBN No 0805426221

A Special Scar – the experience of people bereaved by suicide

A. Wertheimer, Routledge (1991)

A Voice For Those Bereaved By Suicide

Sarah McCarthy, Veritas (2001)

Bereaved by Suicide

Patrick Shannon (2000), Cruse Bereavement Care

Echoes of Suicide

Siobhan Foster Ryan & Luke Monaghan (eds), Veritas Publications (2001)

Grieving a Suicide

Albert Y Hsu, InterVarsity Press,

ISBN No 0830823182

Healing Grief: A Guide To Loss & Recovery

Barbara Ward, Vermillion (1994)

Suicide & the Irish

Dr. M. Kelleher, Mercier Press (1998)


Why People Die By Suicide

Thomas Joiner (2007)

Book on Table
Reading Glasses on Book

Books for Young People

Healing your Grieving Heart: for Teens

Alan D. Wolfelt, Companion Press (2001)

How to help children and young people

bereaved by suicide

Barnardo’s Northern Ireland (2008)

Facing Grief: Bereavement & the Young Adult

Susan Wallbank, Lutterworth Press (1996)

When Someone Dies: Help for Young People coping with Grief

Dwaine Steffes, Cruse Bereavement Care (1997)

Books For Young Children

A Child’s Questions About Death

Available free from Dignity, Tel 0800 387717

Beyond The Rough Rock – Supporting A Child Who Has Been Bereaved By Suicide

Winstons Wish Publications

Caring For Bereaved Children

Mary Bending (1993), Cruse Bereavement Care

How To Help Children And Young People

Bereaved By Suicide

Barnardo’s Northern Ireland (2008)

Colorful Books

Books For People With Learning Difficulties

Am I Allowed To Cry? A study of bereavement amongst people who have learning disabilities

Maureen Oswin (1991)

When Somebody Dies

Sheila Hollins, Sandra Dowling

& Noelle Blackman (2003)

When Mum Died

Shelia Hollins & Lester Sireling (2004)


When Dad Died

Shelia Hollins & Lester Sireling (2004)

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