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ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

ASIST provides practical training for caregivers seeking to prevent the immediate risk of suicide.

Participants often include:

The outcome:

Learn how to...

  • people concerned about family, friends

  • natural helpers and advisers

  • emergency service workers

  • counsellors, teachers and ministers

  • mental health practitioners

  • workers in health, welfare or justice

  • community volunteers


Working mostly in small groups of one trainer to no more than 15 participants, ASIST uses many different teaching processes to create a practice-oriented and interactive learning experience.

The emphasis of the ASIST workshop is on suicide first aid, on helping a person at risk stay safe and seek further help. Attendance at the full two days is essential.

  • recognize invitations for help

  • reach out and offer support

  • review the risk of suicide

  • Use the Safety Framework model of Pathways for Assisting Life (PAL)

  • link people with community resources

Evaluations have shown that the workshop increases caregivers’ knowledge and confidence to respond to a person at risk of suicide, that intervention skills are retained over time and that they are put to use to save lives.


ASIST is delivered throughout Northern Ireland by Experienced ASIST facilitators. Please contact Helen Gibson for further information.

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