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A Churches’ Initiative on Suicide

Churches and member of the clergy are at the forefront in providing support and caring for families and communities who have been affected by the suicide or the suspected suicide of a loved one.

Every day, members of the clergy, provide pastoral support to people facing life’s greatest challenges such
as illness, death, job loss and family breakdown. On a daily basis you help people find meaning and a

sense of hope in their lives.


This support, which takes many forms.  It is long term and holistic and has the potential to make an important contribution to the care of many in our society.

The Flourish Project aims to enhance this support through training, awareness raising and helpful liturgical initiatives.

This unique role offers an opportunity to help people at risk of suicide, who may not initially seek support from mental health professionals or even from family members. By listening to people and getting them the help they need, you can make a difference.

You have an opportunity to prevent suicide by taking threats seriously, recognising the warning signs of suicidal behaviour and ensuring people at risk of suicide access the most appropriate care and support.

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Discover the range of support we have...


The New
Flourish Book

Suicide Awareness and Self-Care Toolkit

Guidelines for Clergy


To help improve mental health and emotional wellbeing

Sunday Worship Resources

A toolkit for churches who wish to have a “Flourish Sunday Service"

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