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Some communities may feel a need to express their grief by suggesting a permanent memorial, internet social media site or dedication of an event. It is often difficult for loved ones to understand why such public memorials are not a good idea when people who die in other ways are often memorialised. However, constant reminders, glorification, or glamorisation of a suicide death might have the effect of making it seem attractive to others.

Alternatives to permanent memorials include activity-based memorials such as fundraising or volunteering for a suicide prevention or mental support group. You may be asked to lead remembrance services offering hope and support to those who have lost loved ones.

This type of memorial can be helpful as long as affected families are consulted and when the organisers are able to provide support before and after the service. In remembrance services it is better to keep personal expressions of grief (such as letters and poems) private as public performances may create a climate that glorifies the method of death and may increase thoughts of suicide in others.

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