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Suicide prevention resource for clergy




A handbook which gives advice on speaking about the issues of mental health and suicide during a religious service is being sent to clergy throughout Northern Ireland.

The new booklet has been developed by partnership group ‘Flourish!’. The group includes Lighthouse Ireland, clergy from across the Christian churches in Northern Ireland,

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PDF Download support directory

Here you can download the latest directory from the service providers in your local area. Use the links below to access the .pdf downloads, if you do not have adobe acrobat reader to view the files you can get a FREE copy here.


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Flourish! Sunday Resources

We will be developing Flourish Sundays with associated resources. Please follow our facebook or twitter to stay up to date on events and resources as they develop.

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Immediate Needs of People Bereaved by Suicide

Witnessing the suicide or finding the body are disturbing enough and then the families have to deal with the official response involving police and emergency services. When you arrive you may find a doubly traumatised household, shocked by the loss and put out by the “official” response.
Few first responders at

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