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PDF Download support directory

Here you can download the latest directory from the service providers in your local area. Use the links below to access the .pdf downloads, if you do not have adobe acrobat reader to view the files you can get a FREE copy here.


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Suicide Prevention & Emotional Wellbeing


This Training Pathway is offered as a practical support to help churches to respond confidently, sensitively and appropriately to people affected by suicide.
Every church is affected by suicide and all clergy have some experience of suicide.
You may experience the suicide of a church member or the relative of a church

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Access via mobile

Our new website is fully accessible as an mobile app. You just need to log in via your mobile and it will automatically format to your mobile device or tablet.

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Flourish Sundays

We will be developing Flourish Sundays with associated resources. Please follow our facebook or twitter to stay up to date on events and resources as they develop.


Information will be available shortly on this. Please check back to see our upcoming updates.

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