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As a church leader and respected member of your local community, you can promote mental and emotional well-being and suicide prevention and provide support for those who are bereaved by suicide’Change title of list to ‘Action clergy can take to promote positive mental health and suicide prevention

Prevention Efforts

Action clergy can take to promote suicide prevention

  • Create an environment in your church that promotes connectedness, belonging, and emotional wellbeing, especially for those on the fringes.
  • Share messages of hope about people overcoming adversity and loss, how spirituality can increase resilience, how suicide is preventable and how everyone has a role to play.
  • Encourage members of your church to seek help for themselves and other people they know if they have any concern about suicidal thoughts or notice any warning signs for suicide.
  • Help reduce prejudice and discrimination toward those affected by mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Speak about mental illness in the same way you speak about physical illness.
  • Educate members of your church about the importance of reaching out and helping suicide attempt survivors and people bereaved by suicide.
  • Provide education on suicide prevention for members of your church. Make written materials available
  • Give a sermon or a presentation on mental health promotion and suicide prevention or invite a mental health professional to speak.
  • Access mental health and suicide prevention training.

  • Join and/or encourage church members to join and/or support a local promoting mental health and suicide prevention or mental health organisation (See Key Contacts and Resources Section). and link to that section

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